The Thing Most People Don’t Talk About

The Thing Most People Don’t Talk About

Yesterday The Successful Adviser community was asked to highlight what was wrong with this Facebook message that was used by a mortgage broking company. And the responses / messages I received were spot on.

Briefly, here’s why this flunked:

The business had mixed messages. They were trying to appeal to multiple different customers in one small advertisement – and speaking the typical mortgage broker jargon.

That’s like Toyota running a 30-second ad to offer their Hilux, Corolla and their Camry and all the while trying to cram in how many horsepower and newton metres of torque each car packs.  It doesn’t work.

Why not?

Messages or ads that are vague and untargeted tend not to be as effective as specific, targeted ones.

Other problems with the message.

  • It sounds like another “me too” message => i.e., no point of difference
  • Their business name appeared 5 times in the entry. That’s 4 times too many
  • There was no Call To Action or compelling reason to take action

Good news:

Since you understand why this message didn’t work, let’s see an ad (well, a Facebook post really) that did pull in some results.

It would have taken it’s owner less than 3 minutes to write this post – but it produced an immediate response.

So, let’s look at how you can….

Get Better Responses From Your Marketing

OK, so just before we dive in, it’s important to appreciate that one of the principles we’re covering broadly applies to most of your marketing. I call it….

The Bank Principle

More than anyone, you acutely understand how people deposit and withdrawal from a bank. Well, think of your marketing in a similar way. Your deposits are like building ‘trust equity’, and your withdrawals as the occasional request for business.

So long as you have the right ratio – which I recommend being at least 3 deposits for every withdrawal, then your ‘trust equity’ will grow over time.

So, even though we’ll have a look at a FB post that did work a charm…

Before you get into specifics about whether FB, or LinkedIn, or Real Estates Agents should become your core lead gen source:

It’s important to realise there is no shortage of basic advice out there. “Under-promise and over-deliver. If you’re using social media, post regularly. Focus on the long-term. Build trust.”

Yes, I agree with all that.

But do you know what almost no one tells you?

Yes, you do need to be able to deliver. Yes, you need to know bank policies. Yes, you need to know your value proposition. But you need to ask yourself one simple question.

“What do people in your network know about your service and your business?”

Sounds simple right – though this nuance can make a profound difference to your volume of enquiry – whether it’s from FB, LinkedIn, networking or elsewhere.

And that’s why it’s important to help people easily understand what you offer and how you go about it in a way that speaks their language

And that’s also the exact reason why yesterday’s FB post was a dud, and one below was a stud (sorry, couldn’t help myself).

But it goes a bit further than that.

See, if this same broker asked one of his friends to re-post the message, or ‘share it’ on their FB page, do you think it’d of worked as well?

If you’re thinking “no, because the broker doesn’t have a relationship with the friends of his friend”, you’d be right.

Or, would a “paid ad” look different to a ‘regular post’?

This is the stuff most people don’t talk about – even the ‘experts’, and while I’m using FB as an example here, this can apply across the board.

And that’s where your messaging will look different depending on the relationship you have with your networks, be that Facebook, your email list, your ‘offline network’, networking buddies or other.

Most people, at least initially, won’t understand your business or be able to talk about it as well as you can – so as a starting point, one of the easiest way to bridge the divide is to talk about the benefits that appeal to them.  To see the world from their perspective.

Now, with that FB message…

Here’s the post that pulled in some immediate responses – that turned into deals.


Note – that’s just a couple of deals from this post, let alone the new referrals he’ll likely land.

So, why did it work? It worked because it was:

  • Genuine.  It reads as though he does have other’s best interests at heart
  • Communicated in a way that spoke their language and appealed to them without the jargon
  • Well timed – relative to the announcement from the bank

Yes, if this type of message was posted every week, it’d lose its luster real quick.

But, the occasional, ‘out of the blue’ approach comes across as authentic and genuine (because it is), which would have made him let’s say an extra $5,000 up-front, plus the trail.

Not bad going for shooting out a quick message.

Now How Can You Use This Knowledge To Generate More Enquiry?

Well, real soon I’m opening enrolment to a new program that I’ve created. It’s called Million Dollar Broker.

I’ll tell you more about the program next week and I’ll then introduce it to you.

But for now, the ONE thing I want you to take away from this training that is simple:

When you’re putting your messages ‘out there’, personalised, authentic messages that speak your clients language will always outperform generic ‘also ran’ style messaging.

On that note, in the NEXT instalment of this free training, I’ll show you how you can leverage these insights to build a word-of-mouth business and a reputation that precedes you.


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