111: The Triple AAA Theory to Growing your Brokerage with Whitlam Malkoun

Nowadays, as a veteran and consistent MPA Top 100 broker, Whitlam Malkoun shares how some things have changed while some are still the same.

As an Aussie broker, in the early days, the head-office leads proved a lifeline to help him get in front of more people – which in turn boosted his experience and his confidence.

Over time, as Whitlam’s reputation grew, he found he went from being the hunter to the hunted.  Or, as he says, he embraced the “AAA Theory”. Anyone, anywhere, anytime. It’s a simple yet powerful philosophy that has contributed in no small way to building his network, his reputation, and his income.

With a fervent belief that the more people you speak with, the more business you will do, Whitlam’s number do the talking for him.  Not only is he an avid people-person, but he also loves educating clients on finances regardless of whether they’re an astute investor or a first-time homebuyer who need some hand-holding.

And over the years, while volumes have grown, so too has his need to manage the diary and ensure that family commitments are treated on par with his business responsibilities.  As Whitlam shares, he’s now got his time management down to a fine art.

Actively involved in his local footy club and in his kids sporting activities, Whitlam is giving of his time and keen to continue making a difference at the grassroots level by making a financial contribution to the club for each person who books an appointment with him.

In Whitlam’s words, if starting out again, he’d bring on an admin support person sooner.  Other than that, enjoy the nuggets of gold that Whitlam generously shares.


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