157: The Uncommon Mindset That High-Performing Brokers Adopt

The Uncommon Mindset That High-Performing Brokers Adopt 

When it comes to the attributes of successful brokers, often, it can be easy to focus solely on those most visible, like great process, capable staff, high-quality client base, etc.

A less obvious, yet powerful aspect that influences consistent and ongoing success is how we see the opportunities around us.  Is there an abundance, or are they scarce?

Over the years, I have noticed some brokers develop a scarcity mindset.  Perhaps this is influenced by the number of brokers and seeing them as competition, and it might also be influenced by recent challenges. Whatever the reasons, it is not a sustainable way to operate as a mortgage broking business owner. 

In this episode of The Successful Adviser, I sit down with Michael Arbon of Keylend.

We discuss what we can all learn from the most high-performing brokers out there. Tune in to learn about various critical mindset shifts and practical strategies. These insights will help you create a more productive, efficient, and rewarding mortgage broking business. 

The Key Questions:

  • Should brokers discuss interest rates with clients right away? (5:54)
  • How should brokers say no to potential clients who don’t fit the criteria? (14:42)
  • How can a broker take over a retiring broker’s clients? (20:32) 
  • What’s the difference in mindset between average and high-performing brokers? (27:26)

What You’ll Discover:

  • The similarities between being a mortgage broker, a banker, and a fitness coach (4:31)
  • Two ways to consolidate relationships with your clients (8:26)
  • How to add a personal touch to your communication with clients (10:03)
  • Michael’s formative learning experience (24:53)


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