The Successful Practice

The Successful Practice

A high-level service for systematically growing your broking practice faster with the guidance of James McCracken, Sarah Wells and other high performers.
There are 3 primary objectives for The Successful Practice service:
  • Structure your practice so settlements grow by $50M or more while you work 500 less hours per annum

  • Create a practice that can both run and grow without you

  • Help change your life and leave a legacy through culture and leadership

Many successful practice owners feel stuck, constrained or lacking a succession plan. Their practices are profitable, scalable and efficient however there is something missing from the success they are chasing.

With a focus on high performance and strategy, having the right people in the room is a must, so we have designed some criteria to assist you in identifying if you would like a seat at the table.

Qualification criteria of each member firm

This is an invitation only service myself and Sarah Wells will be personally facilitating and we only work with a small number of practices at any one time to ensure that value is maximised and delivered. Each practice owner must want to achieve the 3 objectives above.


We have no ulterior motives. No software to push. And we don’t co-own a staffing or lead gen service. We are in your corner, and we’ll probably act as though we have an equity stake in your practice…but we don’t. We just care a lot about you and your goals and your experience as a member.


We offer a hybrid of group and one-to-one coaching service. We do this because it gets the best and fastest results. This model offers significant benefits that enable members to grow quicker and leverage the collective wisdom accumulated by peers at a similar level of performance.

This way, you are not reinventing the wheel or embarking on costly trial and error.

When we talk, we’ll give you the exact format in detail. Suffice to say it is a mix of face-to-face, online and 1:1 support and we work with you until your goals are met.

That said, it isn’t cookie-cutter and it isn’t for everyone.

Who this service won’t add value to:
  • Broking practices who don’t value accountability or implementation

  • Beginner broking practices – you need to have the fundamentals in place

  • Broking practices doing between $20M to $80M per annum (Ultimate Broker would be a better fit)

  • Sub-ag groups – if total settlements exceed $500M we can look at something different – apply anyway

Those who will receive value and ROI from our approach:
  • Ambitious practices who are looking to grow volumes, trail, team and asset value

  • Practices with settlements over $80M per annum

  • Sharers – who will share IP with other practices

  • Implementers who are good to work with and hungry to get a great result

  • People who are open minded to grow professionally and personally


Elevate team performance. Grow trail book. Risk mitigation. Maximise asset value. Loyal and engaged staff. Get off the tools. Quality of life.

And all the real things that delivering on these 7 outcomes brings – like having weekends and evenings back, better relationships, more self-confidence, travelling without the laptop, more golf, business valuations that transform retirements and ultimately, more freedom.

You let us know the outcomes and measures of success important to you – and we facilitate the transformation.

Next Steps.

If you believe The Successful Practice is a potential a fit and vice versa, we invite you to apply via the button below.

We will then review your application and come back to you very shortly.

From there, we will invite you to an initial call and ask some further questions about what you want to achieve in the coming years.

If we’re not a match, we can make several recommendations for who you should talk to. If our service is a great fit, we will invite you and other equity partners to another call to map out how it will work.

If we agree to work together, we will walk you through how to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions
How long will it take?

A common question is ‘how long will it take to implement.” The answer is it depends.

It depends on how fast you want to go and how effective you are at implementing. This isn’t a ‘silver bullet’ service, as it takes time to re-engineer your firm to operate the way you want. Some projects are pretty quick – others are ongoing. It’s like an MBA – it can be done in 1 year or several years. You have already been operating for X years to get you to this point. Don’t expect everything to change overnight. However, positive changes (like time, lodgements, daily structure) can happen quickly.

We do recommend you put aside time each week to work on your practice, not just in it, as the time spent ‘on’ will influence how quickly and effectively you create new outcomes.

The same as if you were training for a fitness goal (say a marathon). The more training you do, the easier, more confident and better your race will be. It’s the same here.

What will we actually be implementing?

We have a process that to FIX what is going on today, MINIMISE time, GROW to the size you want, and LEAD your practice

All projects positively impact the Key Result Areas – the numbers. Every quarter you will select projects and with our help, implement it fully. The number of projects you implement will depend on resourcing and how fast you want to go.

When should I begin?

The response we hear about our service is often the same as when most people hire their first staff member: “I wish I had of done this sooner.”

While there is rarely an ‘ideal’ time, if you are suitably motivated to solve your problems and achieve your objectives, waiting longer typically compounds the opportunity cost.

If you’re switching aggregators or you have serious health issues or you are going through some challenging life events, we encourage you to address these and come back when you are ready

Otherwise, our role (and that of other members) is to be your guide, sounding board and keep you on the right path to achieve your outcomes.

Often, the decision to just get started is the hardest part.

Ready To Grow?

When you are committed to growing your practice, with a clear, structured plan, supported by peers, with accountability and a can-do attitude, your broking practice will grow. If you’d like to see how we can help, apply now so we can talk.