What is Ultimate Broker?

It’s a business-growth system for established mortgage brokers that helps them grow their settlement volumes without compromise to service levels.

We focus on new client acquisition, sales and the business side of broking so you get results much quicker than trying to figure it all out your own.

But it’s about more than just that. Ultimate Broker is also setting a standard for who we are and what we will achieve.

Our members not only increase their volumes, they also think bigger about what they’re capable of achieving in business, and in life.

No BS. No hype. Just straight-forward strategies and tactics you can put to work today.

Who is Ultimate Broker for?

Do you resonate with this? If yes, you could become an Ultimate Broker …

  • I’m an established broker that wants to increase my personal income.
  • I want to get even more appointments booked each week
  • I want to be more consistent in my monthly settlement volumes
  • I want to be less reactive and more effective for the effort I’m putting in
  • I want my business to operate with more structure, and;
  • I’d like to associate with other highly motivated brokers

Who is James McCracken ?

Since 2007, James has been creating 6-figure producers in sales and finance and his marketing and business strategies have been responsible for directly impacting the lives of hundreds of brokers to boost their volumes and improve their lives.

His clients consistently achieve the highest known return on investment from a supplier in the mortgage & finance industry in Australia.

Client results are achieved by following a proven system that focuses on strategy, structure and accountability to deliver predictable, consistent and measurable improvement.

Some of the highest performing brokers in the country personally rely on James to help improve how they operate so they can continue growing their settlement volumes without increasing their office hours – all of which means you’re also in good hands.

What makes this different?

As a Member of this community, you tap into a powerful support network so you don’t have to practice and experiment on your own to find out what works in marketing and business.

Those errors are costly not just in real dollars, but in time most of us would rather not waste.

Plus, for most established brokers, time is their enemy, so instead of just ‘doing more things’, we look at how to operate with more structure so you can be more efficient and more effective.

What are the main benefits?

  • You will quickly implement more structure into how you operate so you can get more done in the same or less time
  • Get access to a comprehensive library of templates and training programs you can use to generate more appointments, conduct Home Loan Reviews, get referrals, follow a step by step submission process, and a whole lot more
  • You will be able to use our proprietary tools to help you wow your clients, grow your reputation and operate more efficiently
  • You will get support to assist you in optimising operations, expanding your revenue, maintaining compliance, and more
  • You will be able to join our live online conference calls and our in-person training so you can get the focus, support and insights you need to take your business to the next level

How do I know if this is for me?

We know it takes time to implement a new system, so we want you to use it and get familiar with it before you give your verdict. If you don’t think there is a great fit, there is no obligation to retain your membership.


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I want you to increase my settlements;
what’s the next step?

It’s easy to submit your application. Simply click on the Next Step button where you can schedule an initial, short conversation with us, and complete the brief questionnaire.

During our initial call,if it seems that we might be a good fit, I’ll invite you to a longer call where we can personally map out a tailored plan for your business.

If you then decide you would like to become an Ultimate Broker, we can set you up on your 30-day trail.

Client Feedback

Shayne Betreen
Gain Financial

Prior to working with you, I was unclear of the business direction, getting distracted by shiny objects, struggling to articulate my offering, and not keeping myself accountable.

Not only has your support helped me win more clients, it has helped significantly expand my business operations and personal mindset and with being an MFAA Excellence Award Finalist.

As I have already done, I would recommend your service to any broker who is looking to take their business or career to the next level.

Ree El Gadaa
Club FS

Your program far exceeded my expectations. I loved the interaction, content and how it was delivered. It was a pleasure to listen and learn – and having applied only a few parts of your program in the weeks following the program, I’ve already generated 3 leads that are now my clients… the program has paid for itself many times over. Thanks!”

Rohan Puvi
Prime Emerald Financial Services

Before working with James, I was a little nervous, as I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. James has provided me more structure and consistency where I’m now earning around $8,000 more per month, and I expect that number will increase significantly in the months to come. Importantly for me, I’m not working more hours, I’m just being far more effective in the time I already spend. If there was one regret, it was that I didn’t do this sooner, because it’s made a big difference to my business and life.

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