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"I’m now earning around $8,000 more per month, and I expect that number will increase significantly in the months to come."

Rohan Puvi, Prime Emerald Financial Services

The 3 objectives we have for Ultimate
Broker members are:

Systematically double, triple or quadruple your income

For you to work 40 or less hours per week

Get more time off to spend with those who matter the most

If you’re an established broker, but:

  • You’re working 50 - 60+ hours a week. You always feel busy and continually need to sneak away from the family to get things done. Most days end with “if I only had just another hour to . . . ”
  • You’re not making as much as you’d like. Your income has plateaued. You’ve only had marginal (or no) growth the past 12+ months.
  • Your income is lumpy and inconsistent. You have some good months, but they are few and far between and your overall submission volume and income is unpredictable and lower than what you’d like.
  • Getting deals to settlement can be a chore. Though you enjoy the client facing work, getting the admin sorted for each deal, liaising with banks and getting assessors to actually read the notes on the file can be frustrating at best.
  • You’re not referred anywhere near often enough You always act in your clients best interests and provide exceptional service, yet despite this, referrals don’t flow through anywhere near as frequently as they could (and should).

Then Ultimate Broker can help you grow your settlement volumes, make your business more predictable, and free up your time.

"I’ve had my best ever month in 20 years. I’ve settled $5 million worth of loans and had another 3 property sales worth the same again."

Clare Monkley, Love Finance

Barry grew monthly income
by $11,000 in 6 months

Barry Swain

Specialised Mortgage Solutions
Before Ultimate Broker
  • Broker for 14 years.
  • Average settlements: $1.8M per month
  • Working 50+ hours a week;
  • #201 in settlement volumes for PLAN Australia
6 months after Ultimate Broker
  • $11,000 more per month
  • Working 40 hours a week;
  • #110 in settlement volumes in PLAN Australia
  • Takes days away from business while it still operates

How will Ultimate Broker help me?

Get access to people, resources and strategies not available anywhere else so you can exponentially grow your income and solve your biggest business problems.
  • Rapid Growth Blueprint:Refined and improved over 7 years, this clear structure will show you how to grow your volumes while avoiding the transition mistakes that many brokers make.
  • Live Training from Faculty of Experts:Led by James, you will also get unparalleled access to some of the highest performing brokers in Australia so you can get your most pressing questions answered to grow brokerage with clarity and confidence.
  • Done-For-You:Refined and improved over 7 years, this clear structure will show you how to grow your volumes while avoiding the transition mistakes that many brokers make.
  • Personal Introductions:Get personally introduced to our panel of industry suppliers so you can short-cut the ‘research, test, apply, research again’ phase and get on with making things happen.
  • Largest Library of Broker-Specific Resources:Accumulated over 7+ years, you will find proven frameworks, scripts and templates on marketing, hiring, productivity, loan process, automation and more. They have been meticulously assembled so you can quickly and easily access exactly what you need, when you need it.
  • Exclusive Ultimate Broker Community:Tap into the knowledge, wisdom and support from brokers across various aggregation groups - whether it’s to hire a VA, PA, outsource your loans, run a new marketing campaign or deciding which strategy to implement to grow your brokerage - we’re here to help.

Andy grew his monthly volumes by
$1.5 million.

Andy McGorlick

Loan House
Before Ultimate Broker
  • An established, respected mortgage broker.
  • Previous best year: $28 million
After Ultimate Broker
  • Grew from $28M to $46M
  • 0 increase in hours worked
  • $0 spent on advertising

“The Ultimate Broker program taught me to work in a more structured way, to use my team more efficiently, and to leverage my networks to drive more enquiries.”

How do I grow my volumes?

You’ve built your business from the ground up and you have every right to be proud of what you’ve achieved. But simply being a steady broker isn’t enough for you.

You want to get to the top of your game. You want to earn more by being more effective. And here’s 4 ways Ultimate Broker can help you achieve that goal:

Growth Pillar #1

Attract More Enquiry

You can’t sell if people don’t know who you are. Here’s how the Ultimate Broker
Program helps you be seen, heard and chosen by your market.

Be more visible

  • Done for you Lead Magnets
  • Pre-written email nurturing sequences for FHB, Re-Fi & Investors
  • FB posts best-practice guide
  • Facebook ads swipe file
  • Easy video marketing for brokers
  • Leverage your personal & professional networks

Get raving fans

  • Client Referrals Pack
  • Referral Partner Activation Pack
  • Referrals without asking checklist

Master your market

  • Ideal client analysis and checklist
  • Brand positioning template
  • Build my reputation checklist
  • Step by step system for getting Facebook and Google reviews
  • Website essentials checklist
  • Website authority audit
Growth Pillar #2

Deliver a Dream Result

Process your loans quicker and reduce your handling time per file while delivering
a memorable client experience.

Follow a
best-practice loan process

  • Step-by-step loan submission workflow
  • Loan process audit template
  • Deal handover template
  • Loan status email guide and templates
  • Advice on technology solutions
  • Fact-find & document collection advice

Give the ultimate client experience

  • 4 Keys to a remarkable service
  • Being their Trusted Advisor
  • Anti-sales conversion strategies

Loan reviews

  • Step by step loan review guide
  • Multiply your transaction value
  • Pre-written loan review letter
  • Easy-to-use keep in touch system
Growth Pillar #3

Optimise Your Time

Operate an efficient, profitable business that can keep running
even if you stop to take a break.


  • Personalized strategic plan based around your personal strengths and weaknesses
  • Clear goals, action steps and regular reviews
  • Business forecasting calculators
  • The Sherpa Strategy to get others doing the heavy lifting

Your Time

  • Structuring your back office
  • Staff productivity & performance strategies
  • Peak productivity: getting more done in the same or less time
  • Rules of engagement: defining your life-work balance

Tools For

  • Comprehensive recommendations of the best tools for every business function
  • Discount on some brokers tools
  • Training and tips on tools to minimise or systemise repetitive tasks
  • Trade-secrets from other brokers

Build A High

  • Build the right team guide
  • New hire assessment and interview guide
  • Performance appraisal checklist
  • Setting performance metrics guide
  • Role clarity document
  • Leadership skills matrix
  • Training on process automation

Mark grew his monthly settlement volumes by $2.3 million

Mark Moccero

Mortgage Choice
Before Ultimate Broker
  • Averaging $800k a month
  • Busy and frustrated with how hard he has to work
  • Best month $1.2M
After Ultimate Broker
  • Averaging $3.1Mil per month
  • Upfront revenue increased by $15,000
  • Hired admin support team member

Is this program right for me?

Having trained hundreds of brokers from all parts of Australia, we know everyone operates their business differently.

And why shouldn’t you? You don’t want to be like everyone else.

That’s why there’s more than one way to become an Ultimate Broker with this program. And though we have a structured method and a step-by-step blueprint, it’s more suggested way of operating and best practices.

We don’t expect every single broker to do the exact same thing, and only that thing.

We will help you overlay the blueprint to your business so we can identify bottlenecks and low performing areas. We’ll focus on improving specific areas to help move your business forward with clarity, confidence and structure.

You can even claim up to 26 CPD Points to use for your MFAA or FBAA membership.

You grow your volumes and income while also staying true to your brand and your service levels.

The only program for Mortgage Brokers that offers:

Guided Success

You don’t get just an online course with a few videos. You don’t get just a repository of files and templates.

You get full hands on training, bespoke support and constant reviews.

It’s like having your own team of consultants, trainers and specialists working for you.

Personalised To You

You don’t blindly follow the system in the same order as everyone else.

You implement the actions in the right order specific to your business – while playing to your strengths

It’s like getting your own customised system without paying exorbitant franchise fees.

Done For You

You’re not told to go and write dozens of emails, FB posts, create brochures or otherwise.

You focus on income producing activities while we design and install these tools for you.

It’s like having your own in-house marketing agency.

Comprehensive Growth

You don’t get just a lead generation system, or some marketing automation.

You build a comprehensive business system that deals with the complete brokering process, from finding leads to closing deals.

It’s like being the owner of an already successful high performing broker firm.

We personally guide you so you know what to do and how to make it happen.
We’ll also be keeping track of your progress and help you along with regular,
interactive Q&A sessions.

George grew his monthly income by $10,000 and worked less hours.

George Peppas

PB Finance
Before Ultimate Broker
  • Income plateaued for 5 consecutive years. . .
  • . . . despite George working 60+ hours each week.
12 months with Ultimate Broker
  • Revenue increased by $120,000
  • Billable bookkeeping hours reduced by 297 hours

Our members enjoy being able to support each other, share their trade secrets and assist each other to succeed. That’s part of the reason that makes this a powerful community.

How is My Success Guaranteed?

Past graduates has been So Successful that we now offer

Double Performance Guarantees

60 day satisfaction guarantee

If for any reason, you feel that Ultimate Broker isn’t for you within the first 60-days, just let me know and we’ll refund your full investment, no questions asked

3x your investment guarantee

If you don’t make back 3x your investment within the first 12 months, I will personally work with you for free until you do.

Why do we do this? We want you to be confident that what we have taught to hundreds of brokers does work and that we are committed to making it work for you too. And, it all begins with….

The First 60 Days

It’s important that you are clear on how Ultimate Broker sets you up for success, which begins with what we create together in the first 60-days of membership:

Strategic Game Plan

Personalised consultation to identify key growth points to give you more time, income and choice.

Ultimate Broker Library

Get instant access to dozens of marketing, sales, loan process, hiring and other scripts, videos & editable templates to quickly transform ypur business.

Leads Activation Pack

We will design your pack so you can make it easy for clients and referrers to introduce you to more people who you could help.

In The Zone

Become highly productive and get more done by transforming how you operate.

Ultimate Broker Community

Get immersed and learn from other high level brokers who share what is working in their business.

Loan Process Audit

Comprehensive review of existing processes so you cangrow loan volumes without increasing working hours.

Eric now averages $3.3M/month with organic social media.

Eric Wu

RealWay Finance
Before Ultimate Broker
  • Wanted to develop a referral network
  • Had lots of different ideas for generating new leads
  • Was working hard without the reward
  • Averaging $1.2M/month
After Ultimate Broker
  • Focused on inbound leads through social media
  • Generates leads via organic (non-paid) social media and client referrals
  • Now averaging $3.3M/month


Our success is due to the calibre of members and exceptional ongoing support, which is why, for the benefit of the group, we only work with a small number of qualified members who want the 3 objectives mentioned above.

The Ultimate Broker Program is for:

  • Ambitious brokers who want to grow their income quickly
  • Capable brokers who have a track record of delivering great client outcomes
  • Sharers who are willing to share what’s working in their business (just as others share what’s working in theirs)
  • Established full-time brokers who have been operating for at least two years and have testimonials to prove their worth
  • Compassionate brokers who value helping others in addition to making money

Quinto grew his monthly settlement volumes by an extra $1.5 million.

Quinto White

Before Ultimate Broker
  • Averaging $1M/month
  • Working long hours
  • Inconsistent lead generation and lumpy income
12 months with Ultimate Broker
  • Averaging $2.5M/month
  • Working less hours and taking longer weekends
  • $10,000/month increase in upfront
  • Has own referral network, consistent source of leads

The only education for established brokers

Every established broker in the country, who wants to grow volumes with more structure and consistency should be learning from James. In an industry full of questionable people, James is hands down the most trustworthy person to speak with if you want to take your business to the next level.”

Best Finance Broker (Better Business Awards) for 10 consecutive years; International Elite Performer for 7 years, Top 100 Broker (MPA Magazine) for 3 years

Marios Rokka

Loan Market

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“We’re now having months of $5M to $6M, whereas last year we might have had one of those as a peak followed up by a month of $1M.”

Rory Sercombe, Own Home Loans