Ultimate Broker Program

"A high performance program for growing your business faster with the help of James McCracken."

If your business is already settling or on track to settle at least $40 million of loans, after we talk and we agree you’re potentially a good fit for VIP, then I will invite you to work together with me for one-month to begin the transformation. 

As a successful broker with an established reputation, finding new business is hardly your biggest challenge. More than ever, you recognize the importance of optimizing your time so you can be even more effective, not working more hours.  

That’s why VIP isn’t just a lead generation program. 

It’s a business transformation program. 

Though you’ll receive strategies to drive more inbound enquiry, VIP is about more than that. It’s about helping you make money with less effort. 

Optimise Your Delivery

For many brokers, their success initially comes due to a huge personal effort to get their volumes to where they are.  

But going to the next level is about utilizing great processes and other people so they can do the heavy lifting and you can scale up your income without sacrificing the client experience. 

Here are a few telltale signs that VIP could be for you: 

  • Your service levels are starting to drop because you keep getting hit with a lot of enquiry and the response times you’ve become known for are starting to waver
  • You’re using several different tools to keep track of deals – from a spreadsheet to your CRM to another ‘plugin’
  • You’re exhausted because you’re putting in huge hours, and you know it isn’t a sustainable way to operate for the long-term
  • You know you need to improve things and people keep talking about "structure" - but you’re not exactly sure of the best way to go about it, or what order to do it 

That’s why VIP isn’t a “get more information program”. You don't need more information.  

It’s about effectively implementing a best-practice business structure specifically designed to help busy, successful brokers scale to next level so you can help more people and enjoy a greater income. 

How Does VIP Work:

VIP is highly pragmatic. Over a 12-month period, we focus on implementing 4 core modules to transform your brokerage into a high performance business: 

  • More Time
  • More Money
  • More Clients
  • More Support 

Though the order of implementation can be adjusted, the core components will always remain to ensure you leverage great systems and people to achieve the best outcome. And, in addition to the core curriculum, you will also receive:

  • High-level accountability. You recognize and value having someone in your corner who will keep you honest and focused on the actions that drive results
  • Practical, broker-specific tools. Save time by using proven tools that have already been ‘in the field’ delivering results for other brokers
  • Bespoke, tailored plan. Together, we’ll develop a clear, focused plan with KPIs and milestones to ensure results are moving in the right direction
  • Best-practice insights. Having worked across dozens of brokerage groups, you’ll save time and avoid mistakes by leveraging my knowledge to get things done right sooner
  • Personal access. In addition to having dedicated fortnightly time together and ongoing personal access to James, you will also get an ‘open invitation’ to access his personal network of industry-leading suppliers 

Yes, I want to talk to James about joining VIP and learning more about becoming a member of the Ultimate Broker community.

This is what will happen next:

  • James and I will mutually determine is this is right for me
  • If I decide VIP is a good fit, James will invite me to work with him for one month, 100% RISK FREE
  • I understand that VIP might challenge my current way of doing things, and I value having a sounding board and different perspective to help me get to the next level
  • If after working with James for one month, we decide I am a good fit for VIP, James and I will discuss becoming a privileged member
  • The sole purpose of this relationship is for me to make more money in my mortgage broking business while helping more clients get what they want 

Enter quick contact information below then go to the next page to share more details and take advantage of getting exclusive access to work side by side with me to help grow your broking business.