A structured and systematic way for you to run a more efficient, productive and profitable broking business. Become A VIP

About You

You are a proficient broker business owner settling at least $100 million in lending, your business has solid lead flow and recently, you have likely seen or noticed some of the following:

  • You are often time poor and stuck working in your business, not on it
  • Your business revolves heavily around you, and if you slow down, so do the volumes
  • You occasionally feel your staff are too reliant on your guidance to complete tasks
  • You put out far too many fires that impact your ability to do high value work
  • You’ve considered a future succession or exit plan unclear on how to implement it without disrupting clients or the team
  • You might even have brokers whom you’d like to write more loans so you can be the rainmaker, and;
  • You want to retain good staff to build your business with and through other people
Chances are you’ve been thinking about how to operate with more structure, efficiency, leverage, automation and proficient staff.

If you’re like our other VIP Clients, your business produces solid revenue, you want to build an asset or even get off the tools, and you almost certainly want to fix the ‘back end’ so things run more smoothly.

That way, when you open the flood gates or grow the team, you don’t compound the problems.

That’s why VIP is about more than ‘getting leads’.

Optimise Your Delivery

VIP is about making it easier for you to run your business so you can maximise volumes, asset value and your time.

For most of our clients, their own success is often their biggest obstacle, as the demands of business can be all consuming.

That’s why, in addition to addressing the key challenges, I will ensure you have specific goals around your wellbeing so you can enjoy the journey, not just the destination.

What makes VIP Different?
  • The 70+ broking business I have already coached have settled an additional > $1.5 billion in lending
  • Unlike most coaches, I’m not a generalist. I understand broker challenges intimately and I only work with established, time-poor brokers
  • You don’t get bombarded with resources that take you dozens of hours to plough through. You receive the right tools in the right order to solve very specific problems
  • As an ‘advice-giving’ expert yourself, you appreciate the value of giving clients a personalised strategy and advice for their needs. In a similar vein, I provide you with a personalised plan, bespoke to your business to address your unique challenges and goals
  • And, I don’t launch into things, over-promise and under-deliver. My reputation, just like yours, is built around delivering great client outcomes

How Does VIP Work:

Though my strategies work, at this stage, you don’t know if they’re going to work for you.

To give you some comfort, I take a consultative approach to determine if I can help you.

It starts with a 15-minute call to get a snapshot of you and your business. If I don’t believe I can help, I will let you know who you should be talking to.

If I can help, we can organise another call to explore things further.

  • On that next call, I will ask more questions and do most of the listening, and if we mutually feel there is a fit, we can work together for one month, 100% risk free
  • You understand VIP might challenge how you currently do things, but that’s also what you’re after so you can get a different result
  • If you’re like other VIP Clients, you’ll probably appreciate that we break things down to bite-size projects to make them easier to implement into your business
  • After working together for a month, if we both feel this is a great fit, I will invite you to become a personal client so we can continue the transformation

Yes, I want to transform my business.

What to do next?

If you’re comfortable with this consultative, hype-free approach, click the button below to apply.

You have my word there will be zero hype and no pitch. I will listen intently to get a better sense of what you’re after to determine if I can help.

If that sits well with you, let’s organise your initial chat and take it from there.