037: Create your dream business in a SNAP with Wes Towers

Wes Towers’ mission is to empower a new breed of entrepreneurs with cutting-edge websites that attract more leads, graphic design that converts more sales and systems that multiply results affordably and fast. He is also the author of: The Simple Manifesto – Marketing principles to save you time, increase profit and create your dream business in a SNAP!

Turning Point in Business

Being recognised as an authority with something of value was most evident at a recent event Wes presented at where all bar 2 members of the audience bought Wes’ new book

Favourite Piece of Technology

Activecolab: Task management, team collaboration

Freshbooks: cloud based accounting software

Recommended Reading

The Simple Manifesto by Wes Towers

Lean Startup by Eric Ries

Interview Links

Omnific Design

Simple Manifesto

Wes Towers On LinkedIn



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