161: Why Keith Caine Bought a Billion Dollar Loan Book

Operating a broking practice can be challenging, especially if you’re just starting out. It’s even more so if you used to work as an employee in one.

Transitioning from employee to owner can be tricky… but not impossible. 

Keith Caine joins me for this episode of The Successful Adviser. He moved from England after the 2008 recession to build a life in Australia. He joined Mortgage Choice and worked his way up. But today, he runs the firm. 

Keith shares his story of how he started from scratch and went on to become one of the top brokers in Australia. It’s an inspiring journey with lots of insights for all mortgage brokers. 

The key questions:

  • How can mortgage broking business owners deal with imposter syndrome? (16:00) 
  • How can you transition from employee to owner of a mortgage broking business? (18:31)
  • What is the highest form of leadership? (22:52)
  • How can you engage better with staff and create a high-performing work environment? (25:30)

What you’ll discover:

  • The inspiring story of how Keith kick-started his mortgage broking career in Australia (4:19)
  • The primary motivation of most employees (12:07) 
  • The mentality Keith used to smoothen his transition from being someone’s colleague to being their boss (14:06) 
  • The objectives Keith focused on that sustained the growth of his mortgage broking business(20:40)
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